Air Freight Forwarding is the process of arranging the shipment of goods by air from one destination to another. It involves the coordination of various tasks such as packing, documentation, customs clearance, and transportation, to ensure that the goods are delivered to their destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Air Freight Forwarders act as intermediaries between shippers and airlines, providing a range of services including:
1) Logistics Planning: Air Freight Forwarders assist shippers in planning and coordinating the logistics of their shipment, including the most suitable routes and carriers.
2) Documentation: Air Freight Forwarders prepare all the necessary documentation for the shipment, such as airway bills, commercial invoices, and customs declarations.
3) Customs Clearance: Air Freight Forwarders handle customs clearance procedures on behalf of the shipper, ensuring compliance with local regulations and avoiding any delays or penalties.
Transportation: Air Freight Forwarders arrange for the transportation of the goods to and from the airport, using a variety of methods such as trucks, trains, and ships.
Insurance: Air Freight Forwarders can provide insurance coverage for the shipment, protecting the shipper from any potential losses or damages.
Overall, Air Freight Forwarding is a crucial component of the global supply chain, enabling businesses to transport goods quickly and efficiently across the world.

Air Freight Solutions

  • Airport to Airport
  • Door To Door
  • IATA direct
  • Industry Specific solutions
  • Time Defined Solutions
  • Full charter Services
  • Perishables